Smarter inventory means smarter business!

get yourself organized with an inventory system to track and control your stock

PControl your business one item at a time. We bring IT to you and got a way to manage them. Look no further! Poscp's inventory management system helps you to track your inventory.


Online stock management solution for your growing business!



Manage Stock

Save your time and money by tracking your inventory correctly with POSCP

Stock management is about having the right level of stock to satisfy customer needs, and managing the stock to identify excess or old stock. Use POS to track your all products. There is no more missing stock - No more wondering. We help you to manage all your stock levels across all your warehouses and consignment locations through POS. 


View Sold and Available Stock

...All you need in a single application

you can easily add and sell any type of product and can view your all sold and available goods. it will help you to have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. It ensures that capital is not tied up unnecessarily, and protects production if problems arise with the supply chain.


Record Purchases

...All you need in a single application

Your record keeping system should also include a summary of your business transactions. Purchases can be recorded branch wise with invoice date, vendor detail, even Delivery type charges.



Make Product & Side Item Bill of Material

Everything you need to build your product!

Bills of Materials are documents that describe the list of raw materials used to make a finished product. If you are going to plan to increase your production, then looking at the Bill of Materials will ensure that you will be aware how much will have to be ordered to increase production, thus it can act as an aid for business planning.

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