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POS systems are used throughout the restaurant and retail industry. This computerised system helps business owners and stakeholders like you to track sales, food inventory cash flow and can help you simplify your bookkeeping in an outstanding way and maximise your return on investment. The high volume of cash and credit cards that pass through a restaurant each day make a POS system necessary. POS systems enable business owners to accept and process payments. it simplifies communications between the kitchen and the waiter staff. Orders go through the computer, directly to the kitchen printer. POSCP lets you sync, track and virtually manage your business, It makes it easy to run a smooth and successful business. A modern POS system facilitates you to serve your customers in better way and lets them enjoy their experience while also reducing employee theft.

Make life easier with a POS system that rings sales, tracks inventory and helps grow your business! POS Pays for Itself

POSCP point of sale systems increase profits by providing cost-saving capabilities. We are experts at helping you boost your bottom line by increasing efficiency and accuracy and reducing inventory loss. POSCP POS system will improve your ability to capture each transaction accurately and it lays the framework for a powerful return on investment story.

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Simplify support and speed up deployment!

A modern POS system saves your time and gives you peace of mind. You can take advantage of the information collected in the POS system for time and attendance, accounting, labor scheduling, food and beverage management, and frequent diner programs. Orders come instantly to the kitchen on a customer screen because a remote printer installed in the kitchen provides instantaneous server-kitchen communication, eliminates mistakes, speeds up service and lets waiters spend more time with customers. All android and iPhone applications are available to make you more successful, These are quite flexible and environment friendly and can run on any platform. In short, it’s a complete package to improve the quality of your life and make your life more easy then before.

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Features you will LOVE to use...

POSCP is not just a point of sale software but also manages back end operations like kitchen, dispatches, supplier management, purchases, product management, inventory control, and customer relationship management. Further, with POSCP synchronized data base system you can make different reports as per your require and view them on Real-time basis.

Improved Sales

Delivery Or Pick Up, Repeat Or New Customer, Taking Orders With POSCP Is Very Fast & Easy. It manages and records your sales so efficiently.

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Manage Products


Add, Edit Or Delete Product & Side Items, Categorise them Price Them, Add Deals, Discounts & Coupons- All In One Place And Uploads To The System On Real-time Basis. 

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Satisfied Customers

Creating New Customers In POSCP Is Prompt. Customer Locations, Last Orders, Coupons or Deals Used- It Tracks Your Customer Records In Seconds.

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Manage Your Staff

Employees attendance built in function of POSCP lets your HR department real-time access to the staff availability specially dispatchers. You can monitor the efficiency of your dispatchers and it helps to manage payrolls.

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Manage Inventory

POSCP Not Only Lets You Record Your Raw Materials, Purchase & Maintain Vender List But Also To Make Product Bill Of Material To Show Consumption, Cost & Stocks.

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Get Improved Business Reports

With POSCP Database & Its Synchronisation To The Whole System, You Can Create Abundant Of Reports As Per Your Requirement Like Product Wise Sales, Stocks, Consumptions, Customer Analysis, And Staff Attendance.

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No Need to Start from Scratch, POSCP Re-Branding Option gives you a great chance in low cost to use the whole software with your business name. You can use your logo, colour theme, functions and features as per your requirement.



What are our customer's reviews

"POS System is extremely user friendly and it makes our staff enable to learn how to use it very quickly. I love being able to track our sales, it is marvelous for us specially when we are determining what to keep, delete or add to our menu. We are extremely happy with POSCP POS system."

pos system MARK  

"POSCP POS system is proving to be Fast, Reliable and very Easy to use. Updating inventory is fast and tracking couldn't be easier. My sales have gone up 4 times more than before. The customer service is some of the best which I have experienced."

pos systems DAVID

"POSCP makes it very easy to sell online using the same data files which you use in your physical store, so there would be no error in inventory levels and product prices and you don’t need to do double entries for your online sales."

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No Need to Start from Scratch, POSCP Re-Branding Option gives you a great chance in low cost to use the whole software with your own business name. You can use your logo, colour theme, functions and features as per your requirements.