POSCP make it EASY to manage reports!

Get Fast access to relevant, timely and accurate information! 

With POSCP Database & Its Synchronisation To The Whole System, You Can Create Abundant Of Reports As Per Your Requirement Like Product Wise Sales, Stocks, Consumptions, Customer Analysis, And Staff Attendance. All Reports Are Viewable On Real-Time Basis Both In Online & Offline Mode. POSCP provide you Total Report Management Component for Viewing, Archiving, Distributing and Printing of Reports.  

Manage your money to get out and stay out of debt!

Keep track of your earnings

The easy way to record all your income

its very important to budget your finances to keep track of where your money is going. you can track your earnings with POS, Its designed to keep track of all your transactions from your computer, mobile phone, or iPad.


Keep track of your staff!

Making your business easier..!

>Whether your organization has just a few employees or a few thousand, Your staff is the most valuable resource. You can keep track of your all staff with POS in an accurate way. 

Know your top customers

The easy way to record all your income

Knowing and understanding targeted customers is something overarching rule of exceptional companies and award-winning business builders know their customers as well as they know their own families, perhaps even more so. POS will help you to know your top customers in any where.


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